According to recognition expert Dr. Bob Nelson, 58 percent of workers report that they seldom if ever receive a "thank you" from their boss for a job well done. This is a huge lost opportunity. Why? Because employees perform better, are more loyal, have improved morale and decreased absenteeism, and are happier on the job when their bosses recognize their efforts.

According to a poll conducted by Maritz Research, employees who are recognized on the job are:

  • 5 times more likely to feel valued
  • 7 times more likely to stay with the company
  • 6 times more likely to invest in the company
  • 11 times more likely to feel completely committed to the company

There's just no excuse for not taking the time to reward your employees for doing a good job. Here are 101 simple and effective ideas to get you started.

1. Personal handwritten note of thanks

2. Set up a brag board in the office

3. Wash an employee's car

4. Serve lunch to your team

5. Have an after-work get together at a local restaurant

6. Starbucks gift card

7. Throw an office barbecue during lunch

8. Have a family day at the office

9. Magazine subscription

10. Bring in a masseuse once a month to offer neck and back rubs

11. Limo ride to the office

12. Ride in a hot-air balloon

13. Services of a personal chef for an evening

14. Gasoline gift card

15. Special name tag

16. Tickets for a baseball game

17. $50 cash

18. Upgrade airline ticket to first class

19. House cleaning service

20. Lottery tickets

21. Grocery store gift card

22. Karaoke party

23. Bouquet of flowers

24. Movie tickets

25. Day off with pay

26. Manicure/pedicure

27. Bagels or doughnuts for the office

28. Company stock

29. Afternoon at a local spa

30. Reserved parking space near the office front door

31. Supervisor for a day

32. Dance lessons

33. Serve coffee and refreshments to your team

34. Customized company T-shirt or jacket

35. Box of chocolates

36. Pancake breakfast

37. Hoagie day

38. Engraved brass plate at employee workstation

39. Humorous certificate of recognition

40. Hot dog eating competition

41. Dry cleaning service

42. Office decorating budget

43. Elvis day

44. Fortuneteller

45. Ice cream social

46. Thank-you email message

47. Note of appreciation to employee's significant other

48. Company-paid iPhone

49. Verbal thank-you during team meeting

50. Name product after employee

51. Recognition in company newsletter or website

52. Balloon bouquet

53. Use employees in television or radio commercials

54. Donation to charity in honor of employee

55. Name building after top employee

56. Free haircut

57. Netflix subscription

58. Swiss Army knife

59. iPad

60. Spot in company Hall of Fame

61. Fruit basket

62. Chocolate-chip cookies

63. Round of golf

64. Letter of recognition

65. Champagne brunch

66. Parking fees for a month

67. Sports car for a week

68. Weekend at a bed-and-breakfast

69. Amazon gift certificate

70. Bus or subway pass

71. Tickets to zoo or amusement park

72. Silver dollars

73. Savings bonds

74. Year-end cash bonus

75. Pizza party

76. Flat-screen TV

77. Engraved pen-and-pencil set

78. Company coffee mug

79. Bottle of wine or champagne

80. Lunch with CEO

81. Trophy

82. Full-page announcement in local newspaper

83. Office Olympics competition

84. Bubble-blowing contest

85. Manager dunk tank

86. Afternoon at a bowling alley

87. Chili cook-off

88. Trip to Las Vegas

89. Confetti parade

90. Charm bracelet

91. Laptop computer

92. Gold medal

93. Fitness club membership

94. One month's mortgage or rent payment

95. Babysitting services for a night out

96. Night in a luxury hotel

97. Billboard public display

98. Scavenger hunt

99. Pool party

100. Field trip

101. Shopping spree at Walmart or Costco