Ever wonder who's breaking the rules at work more than the others? While most leaders have been working hard to eliminate the differences that exist between men and women in the workplace, there are still differences.

In research conducted by software and technology authority Better Buys, more than 2,000 workers from a variety of industries were interviewed in order to determine what were the most commonly observed bad behaviors at their office. In addition, they were also surveyed on which gender more frequently perpetrates certain office crimes--and which bad behaviors both demonstrate quite equally.

1. Taken a sick day when not sick

Men: 38%, Women: 45%

2. Use of foul language

Men: 29%, Women: 24%

3. Taken a long lunch without permission

Men: 28%, Women 29%

4. Left early without permission

Men: 25%, Women: 21%

5. Worked on personal projects at work

Men: 24%, Women: 29%

6. Yelled at someone

Men: 22%, Women: 16%

7. Lied to the boss

Men: 21%, Women: 21%

8. Socialized excessively

Men: 21%, Women: 24%

9. Gossiped behind someone's back

Men: 19%, Women: 30%

10. Viewed adult content at work

Men: 15%, Women: 4%

11. Been late consistently

Men: 13%, Women: 13%