As technology advances each year--if not each day--we, as consumers and communicators, are always delighted by the new ways in which we can strike up conversations with each other. Whether it be online or on our smart phones, long-gone are the days ruled by the simple colon-parenthesis smiley face. Our horizons have expanded, and the smiley and winky faces of the past have now made way for emojis, emoticons popularized by iPhone text messaging.

When it comes to emojis, it's safe to say that they are now everywhere. From Facebook messenger, Android phones, and even the silver screen--yes, the Emoji Movie was just recently released--it's almost as if we can't escape them. In fact, emoji use has even reached our workplace emails and communication.

A survey of 1,000 American workers found that 76% of survey participants have used emojis in digital communication in their professional lives. In another survey, 68% of millennials said they are more comfortable expressing emotions using images such as emojis, GIFs, and stickers than through phone conversations, while only 37% of those over the age of 65 agreed.

If you're just boarding the emoji train and are not sure which emojis specifically should be left alone when it comes to their workplace use, here are 11 emojis that are guaranteed to make you look really unprofessional:


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1. Smirking emoji

This is typically a very playful emoji, associated with being mischievous. However, it can also be considered flirting, so it's best to steer clear when you're on the job!



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2. Lipstick lips emoji

A better sign-off would probably be the more neutral thumbs up emoji, if we're being perfectly honest.



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3. Tongue emoji

Maybe it's best to save the anatomy lessons for later.





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4. Winking with tongue out emoji

Perhaps this may work within some contexts, but a serious boss may not be amused.




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5. Closed eyes, tongue out emoji

Use this without the mention of food, and you may find yourself in some interesting and non-professional territory.




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6. Any variation of the kissing emoji

Keep this emoji out of the office and save it for romance!





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7. Nervous smile emoji

This emoji is generally used by someone who knows they've made a mistake. Keep your boss (and yourself) confident in your abilities and avoid this one.




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8. Thin-smiled, annoyed emoji

Frustrated or irritated with a co-worker? Don't use this emoji. Calmly explain your thoughts instead.




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9. Eggplant emoji

In millennial-speak, this has less to do with the kitchen, and more to do with the bedroom. I'll leave it at that.




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10. Peach emoji

Again, trust me when I say this has nothing to do with fruit.




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11. Poop emoji

The reason for not using this emoji may be a bit more obvious. At least I hope so.



As always, keep your audience in mind when sending emojis in your messages. Serious-minded bosses or employees may not appreciate the extra flair in your texts or emails, so be sure to save these emoticons for someone who will!