Check out these 11 habits very happy people do every single day, and start incorporating them into your own routine.

1. They are respectful to themselves and everyone else in their lives

Happy people know better than to treat other people poorly because they know how they themselves would like to be treated. Start paying more attention to the way you treat others in your life, and your own success will grow.

2. They believe in themselves

Nobody gets anywhere unless they firmly believe they have the capacity to achieve whatever their wildest dreams are.

3. They are grateful for the things they have

4. Their best friends are happy people too

Surrounding yourself with people you resemble--or want to be like--is the easiest way to absorb great habits.

5. They tend to watch a lot less TV than their peers

When we watch TV, we disengage from real life, and become less able to connect with the things happening in our day-to-day. Appreciate the real world around you, and step away from the screen.

6. They don't settle for mediocre

Happy people understand that the greatest success comes from producing great work, and they make sure to apply that to every single aspect of their lives.

7. They flourish in maintaining meaningful personal relationships

There's nothing more valuable than surrounding yourself with beautiful, equally inspiring people. Those friendships keep you sane in times of duress.

8. They try different routines to change things up

When something doesn't work, only crazy people continue to do the same action expecting different effects. Trying new things is by far the easiest way to see if a novel solution can be used to fix an old problem.

9. They are very good at releasing things that no longer help or serve them

Letting go is a skill--no matter how difficult it may be, and practicing it is great for dispelling toxic negativity.

10. They are very forgiving and resilient

Being the better person is not always easy, but it usually leaves you feeling lighter than your unhappy counterpart.

11. They don't make an effort nor need to be liked by others

Being liked on a superficial level is superfluous to the actual joy that accompanies being a happy, successful person--and truly happy people realize that.