While living fast and dying young isn't necessarily ideal, there is something to be said about maximizing your time as an able and healthy person on this earth. Besides, who doesn't love a little adrenaline rush from trying something new?

1. Shower in a waterfall

So many places around the world offer waterfall hikes. Take the trail on a hot day, and look forward to the refreshing reward at the end.

2. Machu Picchu

There's nothing better than experiencing one of the most revered sites of Peru. Make a couple other stops in South America while you're on the continent. It may be a long time before you get back again.

3. Start something that lasts

Whether it's a business, a nonprofit, a community, or a product, make something that will hold your legacy even after you leave--that others will remember you for even when you're not around.

4. Float in the Dead Sea

Take a month off one summer to go to Europe, do some wandering in the Middle East, and swim in the Dead Sea. Just float, and let the salt do the work.

5. Find someone to mentor

Having someone to look up to is incredibly inspiring, but so is being able to pass down your wisdom to someone else. When you give your advice to others, it might even push you to realize many things about yourself.

6. New Year's Eve in Times Square

While it feels a bit overrated, there's sometimes great fun in doing touristic activities, especially in groups of people you love.

7. Travel with one person you love

Although traveling in big groups or alone is fun, there's some unspeakable intimacy that forms from traveling with just one person you love. Embrace it, and seize the adventure, uncertainty, and excitement of everything to come.

8. Visit a different religious culture

Whether it's a cultural event in another country, or a religious service you haven't experienced in your own hometown, try something different. Visit a Buddhist temple, see a Catholic cathedral, enter a public prayer at a mosque. Be respectful, but open, and the experience will be enriching.

9. Visit your elementary school teacher

Seeing people from your past can really show you just how much you've grown. Otherwise, you don't have anything to compare to.

10. Drink more tea--and try different kinds

You might be surprised by how much cutting out coffee changes your mood.

11. Write a letter to yourself

Keep a time capsule of sorts for you to open up after you're at a totally different point in life. What you read might make you nostalgic--maybe even sad--but it'll definitely show you how much you've grown, and how beautiful you've become.