They say to speak it into existence but considering the power of your mind alone, the phrase might as well be updated to think it into existence.

Author Sidney Madwed says, "Our subconscious minds have no sense of humor, play no jokes, and cannot tell the difference between reality and an imagined thought or image. What we continually think about eventually will manifest in our lives."

If you need even more reminders of what your thoughts can do for you, read these uniquely powerful quotes.

1. "She knew the power of her mind and so programmed it for success." -- Carrie Green

2. "If you believe you can, you probably can. If you believe you won't, you most assuredly won't. Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad." -- Denis Waitley

3. "What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives, we need to stretch our minds." -- Wayne Dyer

4. "Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality." -- Earl Nightingale

5. "If constructive thoughts are planted positive outcomes will be the result. Plant the seeds of failure and failure will follow." -- Sidney Madwed

6. "The greatest force is derived from the power of thought. The finer the element, the more powerful it is. The silent power of thought influences people even at a distance, because mind is one as well as many. The universe is a cobweb; minds are spiders." -- Swami Vivekananda

7. "Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about." -- Stephen Richards

8. "I found that when you start thinking and saying what you really want then your mind automatically shifts and pulls you in that direction. And sometimes it can be that simple, just a little twist in vocabulary that illustrates your attitude and philosophy." -- Jim Rohn

9. "You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be." -- Marianne Williamson

10. "I have about concluded that wealth is a state of mind, and that anyone can acquire a wealthy state of mind by thinking rich thoughts." -- Andrew Young

11. "In your hands will be placed the exact results of your thoughts; you will receive that which you earn, no more, no less. Whatever your present environment may be, you will fail, remain, or rise with your thoughts, your wisdom, desire, as great as your dominant aspiration." -- James Allen

12. "The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking." -- Albert Einstein

13. "It's not the situation that's causing your stress, it's your thoughts, and you can change that right here and now. You can choose to be peaceful right here and now. Peace is a choice, and it has nothing to do with what other people do or think." -- Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD

14. "Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life." -- Tony Robbins

15. "You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you." -- James Allen

16. "Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so." -- William Shakespeare

17. "You have powers you never dreamed of. You can do things you never thought you could do. There are no limitations in what you can do except the limitations of your own mind." --  Darwin P. Kingsley