While technology has made the hunt for a new job easier--consider the impact sites like LinkedIn and CareerBuilder and even craigslist have had on looking for a job, for example--it has also in some cases made it tricky for those who don't know the rules of the road.

Most Fortune 1000 companies today search for specific keywords in resumes to quickly weed out weak candidates. If you've got the right keywords in your resume, then you're in, but if you've got the wrong ones in your resume, then you're out.

Says Diya Obeid, founder and CEO of JobDiva--a company that builds technology for applicant tracking and talent management--"We are seeing a very competitive market for talent. So it's imperative that you compose a good, thorough, detailed resume that can also stand out under the scrutiny of a keyword search."

When it comes to the modern world of job hunting, keywords are king. Here, according to Obeid, are 17 keywords that won't necessarily get you off first base. Avoid them, unless you can back it up.

1. Best of breed

2. Go-getter

3. Think outside of the box

4. Synergy

5. Go-to person

6. Thought leadership

7. Value add

8. Results-driven

9. Team player

10. Bottom-line

11. Hard worker

12. Strategic thinker

13. Dynamic

14. Self-motivate

15. Detail-oriented

16. Proactively

17. Track record