No matter how hard we try to prevent them, sometimes spelling errors in our email messages, reports, presentations, and other business documents can trip us up. Most surprising, the words we most often misspell are actually some of the simplest.

Read on to see which words you should take care to double check your spelling before you make a mistake that will make you look really unprofessional at work.

1. A lot

Although a common phrase to use, you'd be surprise how many people spell a lot "alot." If you feel unsure, just with a different turn of phrase, such as "quite a few" or "many."

2. Definitely

This word is often spelled with an "a" in place of the second "i." Don't fall for the trap.

3. All right

"Alright" isn't actually a word, despite the number of people who incorrectly use it. Use all right instead.

4. Schedule

Many people spell the word as it is spoken "sche-du-al." This is, however, a nuance of the English "le" sound for which you should watch out.

5. Occasion

Like recommend, the placement of c's and o's in the word occasion is tricky. Make sure you know there are two c's and just one "s."

6. Necessary

It seems like we have most trouble with the c's. Remember that "necessary" only has one.

7. Truly

True, the adjective form of the word, has an "e." Truly, the adverbial form, does not.

8. Judgment

Despite the root of the word "judge," judgment does not have an "e."

9. Recommend

As mentioned above, the double "m" and single "c" in recommend always trip people up. Don't let the recommendation get the best of you.

10. Separate

We do not "seperate." We just separate from those who spell this word wrong.

11. Tomorrow

Not "tommorow" or "tommorrow" does the shine brighter. Tomorrow.

12. Pronunciation

Just because the word is derived from the root "pronounce" does not change the short "u" that appears in the noun form of the word.

13. Receive

Remember the rule, "i after e except before c."

14. Privilege

People often throw an extra "d" in the word before the letter "g." Don't flaunt your privilege in such a way.

15. Maintenance

We maintain something, but we do not seek "maintainence" on something else. We seek maintenance.

16. Accommodate

One of the most commonly misspelled words in English, this word has double of everything except for "d." Know that.

17. Misspell

Please don't misspell misspell. The past participle of the word is also often misspelled as "misspelt."