Not all of us are blessed with a summer off. If you're freelancing, the leader of a successful team, or just working a full-time job, you may be faced with nonstop work. In the time it takes for you to daydream of spa days, beaches, and resorts, your inbox becomes clogged with more and more emails.

Here are some great ways you can relax in under 10 minutes as you endure a chaotic work life:

1. Don't get trapped in the office.

Even if for a few minutes, make it a priority to get outside and soak up some sun. Vitamin D is a natural antidepressant, after all. If it's cold where you are, a breath of fresh air couldn't hurt.

2. Smile.

Smile to yourself, and you and those around you will feel happy instantly.

3. Eat an orange.

Vitamin C has been found to lower stress hormones and even blood pressure. 

4. Pet your dog.

Animal therapy can ease anxiety, so if your work or home office has a pet, spend some time with it. If not, watching dog videos can give your mind a break, too.

5. Breathe.

Relax body and mind with a breathing exercise.

6. Get your groove on.

Singing and dancing, according to studies, can help self-esteem and boost levels of calm.

7. Eat dark chocolate.

Superfood dark chocolate can provide you with vital antioxidants and stimulate your brain to release beta endorphins, which contribute to your happiness.

8. Find mother nature.

The sun is great for you, but actual nature and greenery can increase your feelings of well-being as well.

9. Water your plants.

Not near any major hills, trails, or hikes? If you tend to your garden, simply watering your plants can bring you relaxation and restored attention.

10. Phone a friend.

Let's face it, we can't do everything alone. Friends can help give us a listening ear, a new perspective, and support when we really need it.

Itching for more relaxation methods? Here are 10 more to try:

11. Stretch your legs and do yoga.

12. Take a break from your phone.

13. Turn off the news.

14. Ring a mindfulness bell or singing bowl.

15. Smell some essential oils.

16. Chew gum.

17. Imagine a peaceful scene.

18. Use stress balls.

19. Take a power nap.

20. Practice meditation.

Taking some time to relax is just as important as taking time to do your work. Relieve some stress, because you deserve it.