Insightful leaders are typically looked upon as the greatest leaders of our time. They are the charismatic men and women we look up to and respect. We know that if we are fortunate enough to work for or alongside one of these amazing leaders, we will learn valuable skills that will enhance and make our lives richer, with more meaning. Insightful leaders are extremely smart in that they understand intrinsically those lines they should never cross.

Are you an insightful leader? Here are 24 things insightful leaders would never do, or at least try very hard not to.

1. They never fixate on or staunchly advocate their own beliefs or how they view the world, instead keeping an open mind and open heart at all times

2. They never let past failures or bumps in the road deter them from their hopes of wildly succeeding in the future

3. They never quit fighting for what they believe in, whether it is a charitable cause or a new positive twist in the direction of their company

4. They never allow themselves to be late unless something unforeseen and absolutely unavoidable has happened-they are typically the early birds and always strive to be on time

5. They never engage in mindless arguments or confrontations with others-smoothing things over and moving on as quickly and as professionally as possible

6. They never let their pride get in the way of listening to others' opinions and trying new ideas proposed by others

7. They never hesitate to stand up for what they believe and feel strongly to be true when challenged-always backing up their company and team when needed

8. They never allow themselves to feel that they have made it far enough-they are always searching for the best...for themselves, their team, and their company

9. They never miss an opportunity to learn and grow from their mistakes

10. They never fail to go after and find various solutions that will overcome failures or deficiencies within themselves, their company, or team

11. They never fixate on past blunders or missteps and instead carry on and look forward to future successes

12. They never succumb to the norm or just fitting in, instead enjoying the freedom to be themselves in pursuit of their own individuality and place in the world

13. They never become overly boastful or arrogant in their own abilities-they continuously learn and never believe for one moment that they know it all

14. They never fear the unknown, instead tackling issues as they arise and helping their team realize success now matter what obstacles may come their way

15. They never put all their faith and trust in just one individual-they remain involved, available, and in charge

16. They never spread gossip, instead stopping it in its tracks

17. They never allow bitter indignation or jealousy to enter into their minds or lives

18. They never fail to have multiple plans in place in case the first plan-or the second or even third-fails, never relying on luck to achieve their successes

19. They never act irresponsibly-keeping up their strict code of conduct no matter the circumstance

20. They never take disproportionate risks with their business or team, instead making very mindful, well-thought-out decisions along the way

21. They never miss the opportunity to help their company save money-this also carries over into their private lives

22. They never give the green light for anything they are not truly passionate about and are never afraid to say, "No," when necessary

23. They never miss opportunities for growth and the expansion of their own knowledge base

24. They never fail to look after all details of their business, always keeping a watchful eye while captaining the ship