The iPhone can be a powerful tool, but there is a good chance you're not using it to its full potential.

If the last time you used Apple's voice assistant Siri was because you accidentally pressed the home button for too long, remember that it can do some pretty cool things. Here are 25 -- just be sure to wake up Siri by saying "Hey Siri" first:

1. Translation.

Use Siri to translate English into other languages, useful when traveling abroad. You only need to ask: "How do you say [word or phrase] in [language]?"

2. Check email.

Too lazy to check email from the computer or from the app? Just say "check email" and Siri will show you a list of new messages you have received.

3. Get sports information.

For those nail-biting games, we want scores ASAP. Ask Siri what the score is for a game, or even ask when the game will start. Just be sure to be specific about the sport and team names.

4. Send text messages.

Just say "Send text to [name] saying [message content]." Simple.

5. Check the weather.

Want to know what to wear? Knowing what weather to expect will help.

6. Schedule a wakeup call.

Say "Wake me up in two hours" and Siri will set an alarm for you.

7. Find movie times.

Forget Netflix. Siri will use your location to find out when a certain movie is playing nearby.

8. Bedtime story.

"Tell me a bedtime story please" will lead to a very entertaining story, as told by Siri.

9. Car parking.

Tired of losing your own vehicle? Next time, just say: "Remember where I parked my car" and she will save the location for you.

10. Send money.

Using Square Cash, Venmo, or Apple Pay, Siri  can send money to any contact of your choice.

11. Play dice.

Whether for fun or for decision-making, see what happens when you say "Roll a dice."

12. Flip a coin.

Or, ask Siri to give you an answer by flipping a coin.

13. Change your name.

I'm not exactly sure why you might want to do this one, but Siri can address you by any name you choose so long as you say so.

14. Do math.

Need to know "What is [number] plus/times/divided by/minus [number]?" Siri will do the math calculations for you.

15. Check the time.

Time zones can be tricky and confusing. Ask "What is the time in [say the country or city]?" if you want to know the time of a particular place.

16. Get directions.

For navigation help, try, "Show me the nearest [gas stations/restaurants/malls/etc.]."

17. Check flight status.

In the same way you can check game scores, you can actually also check which flights (using the airline and flight number) are on time or late.

18. Set a reminder.

Because sometimes writing it down on pen and paper can be too much work.

19. Calculating tip.

"What's the tip on [amount]?" will tell you how much tip to add when you're out for dinner.

20. Control the settings of your phone.

Want to turn off your phone's WiFi or Bluetooth? Need to adjust brightness? Just ask Siri -- she's ready to help.

21. Play a song.

Easily control music by pausing, stopping, or even skipping certain songs as well.

22. Check facts.

Who starred in your favorite film? When was Steve Jobs born? Who won last year's Super Bowl?

23. Discover where to use Apple Pay.

Siri can help you figure out what stores or restaurants accept it -- something I've personally been using a lot more lately.

24. Create a password.

Say "Random password" and Siri will generate one for you.

25. Identify a song.

Hold your phone close to a restaurant or cafe speaker and say, "Name that tune." The song will be identified for you. You'll be given an option to buy the song, too.