While luck plays a role in our successes and our failures, I personally believe that for the most part, we make our own luck. That is, there are certain things we can do to give our success a gentle nudge (or a hard push) in the right direction. Here are 27 habits of extremely successful people.

1. They acknowledge and address their mistakes in a prompt manner.

2. They define their well-being by internal fulfillment, not material validation (like money, cars, houses, etc.).

3. They overcome fear of leaving their comfort zones by knowing that the best way to grow is to delve into the unknown.

4. They acknowledge negative energy, but remain positive at heart.

5. They say "no" to taking on too many things (instead of multitasking life away).

6. They constantly perform above their own (and other people's) expectations.

7. They know when to take a break. They make time to care for themselves regardless of however focused they may be.

8. They give important decisions lots of thought instead of acting in an emotionally heated moment.

9. They are grateful for the things they have. They strive to give back to those who do not possess as much.

11. They pick the harder path because, even if it gets them to the same end goal, they know they will grow more.

12. They surround themselves with people who inspire them.

13. They are never anything less than absolutely genuine.

14. They keep on keeping on--even when things seem headed toward rock bottom--because they know patience is the most underrated key to success.

15. They are unapologetic about being who they are.

16. Their passion pushes them to be in a state of constant growth, emphasizing that it's about the journey rather than the destination.

17. They look for inspiration in the small, everyday aspects of life--finding joy in what many would consider mundane.

18. They show respect to everyone, even those who don't offer the same in return.

19. They talk things over with others in order to get a well-rounded opinion. They don't stand for being narrow-minded.

20. They jump over hurdles of doubt and failure, pursuing their dreams in spite all the negative emotions they may feel along the way.

21. They never compare themselves to their competition, only to themselves.

22. They are innovative and unafraid to try things nobody ever has before.

23. They do not make excuses for themselves.

24. They pour their entire heart into everything they do.

25. They merge professional passions with the ones in their hearts, finding careers which allow them to be excited about what they do.

26. They never stop growing.

27. They love openly, boundlessly, and without restraint.