People always place great emphasis on things you have to do to start your day, but few people understand how important it is to have a good regimen with which to end your day. Closing out your day in a clean and positive way is an easy way to prep for the next morning and plan for things to be even better. Read on for things you absolutely need to add to your end-of-day routine.

1. Pack up your stuff in advance

If you're the kind to always be scrambling out the door in the morning, then it makes much more sense to prep the night before. Back in elementary school, my mother always told me to ready my backpack before I went to bed.

Now, many years later, I am just now realizing the value of that advice. Get ready what you need to so that you have a vague idea of tomorrow looks like before hitting the hay.

2. Check your schedule for tomorrow

Right in line with packing up the night before, taking a glance at your schedule for the next day is a great way to mentally prepare. It allows you to verify what you do and don't have to do and prepare for the people you'll be seeing.

You can also use this chance to finish up any things on your to-do list from that day you hadn't been able to get to earlier. Finally, it's a perfect time to practice visualizing something that you're looking forward to tomorrow--a way to shed some positive light on your current mood.

3. Clean up a little

Throw away that protein bar wrapper. Straighten up the books strewn precariously on your desk. Hang up the jacket you wore that day instead of just throwing it over the nearest chair. The act of physically cleaning gives you some space to reduce mental clutter as well.

You can even clean electronically: Go through your emails and delete some emails that are just taking up space in your inbox. It'll give you the feeling of a fresh start when you wake the next day.