More than ever before, Millennials and Gen X'rs are starting up their own businesses--and finding great success in the process. Recent research shows that since 2006, the number of individuals under the age of 35 who have started their own business has increased by more than 70 percent.

Before starting her current business this year, Avi Loren Fox was a...

  • Photographer/Co-founder of a photography company
  • Community environmental leader
  • Home organizer/coach
  • Green building project manager
  • Personal chef
  • Dance teacher

In other words, like many of us, she was trying to figure out what she was going to be when she grew up. However, when she least expected it, Avi's future reached out and grabbed her.

After moving back home at the age of 26, Avi attended an empowerment workshop, and started identifying and building relationships with potential mentors. In addition, she figured out which of her belief systems were standing in the way of her success, and she transformed them.

At about the same time as this was going on, Avi started wearing a unique, hooded scarf that she made by hand from some favorite old sweaters. Soon, someone stopped her on the street to ask her where she got it, and then another and another. Curious about this response, Avi decided to make a few more of her hooded scarves and let people try them out.

The response? "It feels like a hug." People told Avi that wearing the hooded scarf made them feel confident, courageous, and "like a warrior."

Sensing something important was going on, Avi conducted a Kickstarter campaign to generate enough capital to fund production of her hooded scarf--which Avi named "The Mantle." Although her goal was a modest $30,000 Avi's Kickstarter campaign ultimately raised $39,827 and Avi's business--Wild Mantle--was born.

Says Avi about her experience, "As I discovered through my own experience, before you can go out and save the world, you need to start by saving yourself. Your impact on the world will only be as strong as the individual that you ultimately are."

To self-empower yourself, and to be transformed into the highest version of your best self, Avi suggests following these three habits:

1. Build your community

Find people you look up to and enlist them as mentors. A good mentor isn't someone who tells you what to do, it's someone who asks you the right questions and nurtures your growth.

2. Live your truth

Learn to distinguish your own voice from the external opinions of others. Tap into your internal guidance system. For you are the only person who truly knows what's in your heart and how to make that bigger.

3. Accomplish your mission

Identify tangible ways, no matter how small, to be the change you want to see in the world. Make sure you follow through and create impact.

To hear more about Avi's entrepreneurial journey, be sure to check out her TEDx talk in the accompanying video.