Millennials have received their fair share of backlash in the last couple of years. The rising generation, often referred to a Generation Y, has been characterized as a group of apathetic, unmotivated, and unreliable individuals. However, the many positive aspects of millennials may surprise you.

1. They care more than you think

Although often attacked for their lack of interest in traditional issues, millennials are actually a very passionate group. The young movers and shakers often have well-formed, strong opinions about politics and religion--and they aren't afraid to share them.

They are socially conscious, stressing the importance of understanding issues such as wealth inequality and preservation of what little is left of our environment. Millennials do care. Once you get them talking about something they care about, it'll be impossible to get them to stop.

2. They are motivated

Due to millennials' lack of interest in the traditional office job, many believe that the upcoming generation doesn't care about performing well. Yet, nothing could be farther from the truth. Those married to the traditional job setting of office work in a cubicle have trouble seeing corporate success any other way.

With the new generation, however, success is not at all defined by any previously drawn lines. Now, we have the opportunities of creating startups with the whims of new ideas. We have an enormous amount of different routes to success--and millennials, when they find something they love, will give it their all. Many people just forget that.

3. They understand the importance of the little things

The Italians have a saying called "dolce far niente." The phrase literally translates to "sweetness doing nothing." Although the phrase has been overly popularized by the Eat Pray Love film, the meaning is still incredibly important. We have a bad habit of setting our eyes on the prize and forgetting the journey it takes to get there.

The little things, like taking the time to get brunch with friends you haven't seen in a while, or treating yourself to a night of reading, really do matter. When we are all work, we forget what it means to enjoy what we do. Even though the shiny objects of life often distract millennials, they truly understand how all of these small, seemingly insignificant instances can manifest in a fuller life at the end of the day.