Prepare your businesses, your offices, and your companies of all shapes and sizes--the future is upon us. According to the Deloitte Millennial Survey, millennials will make up over 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025--less than 10 years from today. With this rapid change of demographics in our workplaces, we should keep in mind the things that make millennials happy at work--and know just how we can build on them for more success in the future.

1. Mentorship opportunities

Now more than ever, people seek leaders they can learn from. They want someone to show them the ropes in our ever-changing landscape, a mentor who simply believes in them. As the workplace changes to encompass our growing use of technology, mentors become ever more important in ensuring that millennials do not feel overwhelmed. In fact, according to a Millennial Branding survey by American Express, 53% of millennial workers said that a mentorship would help them become more productive contributors to the company.

2. Reflecting work input through salary

Although it's not exactly a secret that monetary compensation plays a huge role in determining our happiness at work, it appears that for millennials in particular, a salary that is indicative of the work they are putting in is very important. In a study conducted by Mashable in 2014, high-salary performers were 116% more likely to remain with the company two years later than those with lower salaries. With our crazy-fast contemporary turnover rate, it's really important to make sure we are rewarding people for their work so that they are not looking for the next best thing--a common trait among millennials.

3. Flexible schedules

This preference is not specific to millennials alone--even though our more tech-savvy generation would probably benefit from it the most. As it becomes easier to stay in connection and work from home without actually stepping into the office, the importance of allowing for a more-flexible schedule becomes particularly important. Millennials--just like everyone else--love to spend their time traveling or finding a change of scenery. The ability to change around a schedule is definitely a plus for any millennial in the workplace.