There are a few universal things that can put even the strongest of people to the test. Reorganizing your life is indisputably one of them.

As the end of the year starts picking up its pace, those of us who are affected will inevitably get caught up in the unrelenting pace of figuring things out.

Unsurprisingly, at times when your life has no stability, it's common to forget to leave time for necessary things like self-reflection and rejuvenation. Read on for some easy ways to maintain your mental sanity while caught up in the stress of re-organizing your life.

1. Continue to do the things that are important to you

Some people need food. Others need coffee. I need both-along with a heaping dose of exercise-in order to feel human every day. Yet in times of trouble, I actually find myself going days without a good walk or cardiac stimulation.

The brief release that I find in getting my heart rate up is something I always neglect when I'm too focused on trying to check things off a to-do list too many miles long. Regardless of how much you have to do, find a couple seconds to recall the things that bring you joy-no matter how fleeting-so that you can find the strength to push forth and keep playing Tetris with your Google calendar until things settle down.

2. Do the most trivial tasks first

It's easy to get bogged down and lose all direction when you keep focusing on the big picture. Keep your eyes on the prize, but don't leave your blinders on for so long that you wear yourself out. People think that accomplishing small things might leave us only with temporary satisfaction, but what they don't realize is that we need those little encouragements to keep us going.

Having constant encouragement and getting what we think of as clutter out of the way makes space in our mind to focus on better things to come. Finish the small tasks so you have room to dream big.

3. Be caught up in the excitement of something new

Last, and perhaps most important, remember that it's OK to feel overwhelmed by everything going on-and to like it. Let yourself be wowed by every new project you take on, every new friend you make, and every new change that occurs in your life.

There has to be a reason we're always craving change, right? Don't forget that it's exciting to be caught in a new routine, to do things that feel so foreign from what you already know. Do them, love them, and don't ever question why you do.