"When asked to describe significant regrets in their lives, more than 8 out of 10 people focused on actions they did not take rather than actions they did. In other words, they focused on things they failed to do rather than things they failed at doing."--David Niven, The 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People

There will never be a surefire way or proven path to success, but there are common traits and beliefs among the most successful people that make them stand apart from the rest. Here are 39 simple, but powerful hacks of the most highly successful people.

1. Their best friends are successful. (So hang out with successful people.)

2. They are extremely motivated because they love what they do. (So do what you love.)

3. They know that if they stay positive, positive things will happen. (So be positive.)

4. They define their success by happiness, not money. (So be happy.)

5. They understand that their professional success is linked to their personal success and vice versa. (So make success your goal.)

6. They never make excuses. (So quit making excuses.)

7. They view risks as an opportunity--to travel into the unknown makes their heart skip a beat as they throw themselves in with an enthusiastic smile. (So take risks.)

8. They never choose the path of least resistance. (So choose the more challenging path.)

9. They ignore negativity and those who say, "You can't." (So say "I can.")

10. They admit to, fix, and learn from their mistakes quickly. (So move on.)

11. They keep going even when something bad happens because they know eventually luck will knock on their door. (So make your own luck.)

12. They surround themselves with those who are smarter and have a larger skill set. (So choose your friends wisely.)

13. They put far more value on experiences in their lives than material possessions. (So collect experiences, not things.)

14. They choose wisely when selecting their business venture or future position by tapping into their deepest passions and strengths. (So be passionate about what you do.)

15. Their passion and drive to create the best inspires them to continue to learn, keep their ears open, observe, and network. (So be alert to opportunities to grow.)

16. They are not greedy. (So share.)

17. They focus on one thing at a time. (So quit multitasking.)

18. They gravitate toward those problems or issues that others find difficult to solve. (So seek challenge.)

19. They don't buy into conventional wisdom or follow what others are doing or thinking. (So follow your intuition.)

20. Almost everything they do is above other's expectations. (So set your own bar high.)

21. They create realistic daily to-do lists. (So do a few things well.)

22. They never define themselves by their competition. (So be a star.)

23. They never lose focus on their customers needs. (So understand what your customers want.)

24. They are extremely focused and driven, but know when to take a break, and take them regularly. (So take care of yourself.)

25. They know success will come in time with their continual dedication and unrelenting hard work. (So work hard, and work smart.)

26. When they are faced with doubt or a failure that would normally crush one's dream, they push through it and are unflappable. (So have a dream.)

27. They find inspiration from those things that offer the biggest benefit to others. (So think big.)

28. They pursue things in life that will build on their experience and provide growth. (So grow.)

29. They see problems as opportunities to bring something new or better to the world. (So be optimistic.)

30. They postpone big decisions when their emotions are on high. (So be level-headed.)

31. They vehemently guard their reputation by running their lives and careers with compassion, empathy, and strong ethics. (So be honest--always.)

32. They think several steps ahead, creating alternative routes to cover all bases. (So create options.)

33. They stay focused on their ultimate goals even through tough times. (So persevere.)

34. Family is their number one priority. (So set aside time for those you love.)

35. They discuss important decisions with trusted colleagues before jumping in (so be collaborative.)

36. They speak respectfully and are respectful to others. (So be respectful.)

37. They understand that their lives are fundamentally richer when they give of themselves. (So volunteer in your community.)

38. The important decisions they do make they hold themselves accountable for and remain transparent at all times. (So be accountable.)

39. They give thanks for all they have achieved in their lives, and to those who helped them get there. (So be grateful.)