Not every day in the office is going to be sunshine and rainbows.

Stressful meetings, irritable situations, restlessness -- at one point or another, you are going to face one of those days at work where you count down the hours and minutes until you get to clock out. 

These tough work days are unavoidable. But you don't have to fall victim to them. Here are four things you can do to push through even the most difficult days at work. 

1. Shift your perspective.

Do the challenges at work render you completely powerless, or can you view things in a different light? Sometimes all we need is to see how the difficulties we face are simply opportunities to grow and progress. Consultant, coach, and author Bruce Eckfeldt says, "In the end, things are just things. How we feel about them is completely a function of our perception and altering your attitude can mean all the difference."

2. Use positive affirmations.

Overcome negative and self-sabotaging thoughts by saying positive statements to yourself throughout the day. Positive affirmations can help you build self-confidence by creating positive thinking patterns. An example would be, "I am properly equipped with the right skills to deal with anything thrown at me. I have the resources and tools needed to succeed. I am doing a great job and can always learn."

3. Don't run from problems.

Turn things around at work by confronting the things that are immediately frustrating you, or the tasks that you have been putting off. Evading issues will not do you or your company any good. Face obstacles head-on and see your day improve.

4. Feel free to vent.

No need to keep everything to yourself. Consider journaling about your experience in order to relieve some stress. You can even be fully honest with co-workers or supervisors about the challenges you are facing. Avoid complaining, but do share the specifics about what is making you feel restless or stress. Venting may actually lead to real-world solutions. 

Every job position comes with its own share of difficulties. As you deal with what's thrown at you, consider finding ways to become more motivated and inspired at work. What creative solutions can you bring to the table? What drives you to succeed? Even when you feel yourself buried by work, find ways to grow.