Ready for your time to shine?

Any employer would be satisfied to have an employee who gets the job done, when prompted.

But if you're looking to get a raise, a promotion, or impress, it is necessary that you become the most productive employee in your office.

And how do you do that? By being the most proactive employee in the office.

Proactive behavior is defined as anticipatory, change-oriented, and self-initiated. This means that in a given situation, an employee is acting in advance of a future event, rather than just reacting to what's thrown at them.

Be proactive and get that promotion by following these four steps:

1. Get organized.

To be proactive, you must have your mindset and schedule highly organized. Not only does this allow for maximum efficiency but being organized benefits your well-being. Regularly review notes, go over your calendar, and make an effort to know what is going on at all times.

2. Act on feedback.

Feedback may sound scary, but it doesn't have to be if you realize how important it is for your improvement. Feedback measures how you are performing, so it's in your best interest to ask for it from colleagues, supervisors, and customers. Reflect on it and put it to use after receiving it: what areas and skills need improvement? What actions or behaviors should be discontinued?

3. Be communicative.

It pays off to know how and when to discuss certain things at the office. Listen attentively to others and take notes in order to have a deeper understanding of instructions or goals. If you have feedback for others or need to resolve an issue, speak up and say something with poise and purpose.

4. Be aware of your commitments.

Don't spread yourself too thin. It's tempting to want to do everything--who doesn't want to be a superstar at the office? But when you sign up to do too much, you run the risk of being disorganized and dropping the ball. If you are unable to honor a commitment, be honest and say so. You may also negotiate for later deadlines or a reduced scope of work if needed.

Not only does this newfound ability to be proactive benefit your boss and the company's bottom line, you will find yourself with an increased level of self-confidence, satisfaction at work, and happiness. And, you will be on top of things, handling assignments in an effective, deliberate, and timely manner. 

Published on: Jan 20, 2020
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