Listening to an inspirational speaker can be a wildly profound experience. Whether this person is in front of you in a lecture hall, recorded onto a podcast or audio book, or on the computer or television screen, an inspirational speaker's words have the power to impact lives in ways you wouldn't expect.

But how does an inspirational speaker mesmerize audiences? What kind of traits, characteristics, or beliefs do all speakers share?

Here are four things inspirational speakers more often than not share. Adopt these and not only will you become better at inspiring others, but you will also get on the fast track to a more enriched life.

1. They know their value.

Motivational keynote speaker Marilyn Sherman says that the best tip she received early in her speaking career was to focus on the value she was giving audiences. If you can believe what you are delivering, and if you know your message is valuable for listeners, then any nerves you may have are simply ego-based ("How will I sound? How will I look? Will they like me?"). Pay these worries no mind.

2. They know themselves.

Sally Hogshead, New York Times bestselling author, says that fascinating others requires that you understand how the world sees you. This leads to effective communication, and, as she notes, is crucial for delivering a speech. If no one perceives you as a funny person, why frame your speech with humor? "If you take the time to identify your unique differences--the communication traits that you naturally use to command attention--your audience will be enthralled and you will be more confident and memorable," Hogshead explains.

3. They create something special for the audience.

The best speaking advice Marcus Buckingham, motivational speaker and business consultant, has ever heard was from the great Martin Luther King, Jr. According to this legendary activist and speaker, the most important thing when speaking is your takeoff and landing. "You've got to know how you are going to launch the audience into your dream, and then land it by bringing the dream back down to them," summarizes Buckingham. "But in between takeoff and landing, you can fly like crazy."

4. They are familiar with their craft.

If you've been on any social media platform, there's a good chance you have come across the motivational content of Gary Vaynerchuk, serial entrepreneur. Although Gary Vee says he is a good communicator by his DNA, he says that what really allows his words to hit the mark is the fact that he stays in his comfort zone, in the areas of expertise he naturally lives in. "My biggest secret," underlines Vaynerchuk, "is to talk about what you know you're good at--talk about stuff you know."