Wondering why you sometimes receive strange vibes from people at your work? Often have the feeling that others you work with are not always happy with your behavior or your actions, even if you think you're not doing anything wrong?

Chances are, you're indulging in bad habits that, without you even knowing, make you look incredibly unprofessional. Whether you're using your office time to go on social media or work on your own projects, taking excessively long breaks, or even just snacking loudly, it reflects poorly on your professionalism. If you are engaging in any of the following bad habits at work, then you need to stop them right now.

1. Not responding promptly

In our hyper-paced technological age, taking more than 24 hours to respond to something professional--sometimes, depending on the industry, even on weekends--is highly frowned upon. Keep up to date at all times with your emails and texts. If you need time away, let your supervisors and co-workers know in advance. Otherwise, your lack of communication will definitely be seen as disrespect--or indifference.

2. Taking too many breaks

People notice if you stop your work every five minutes. They also know that you can't really be effective if you don't get in the groove of things. Don't get up from your desk every 30 seconds--people might think you're not doing anything at all.

3. Texting

Being on your phone while you're alone is a telltale sign that you're not doing something productive. Being on your phone while you're with others, however, is a definite faux pas at the office. Don't take the time of others for granted; keep your texting to a minimum.

4. Complaining

All of us sometimes feel tired, sick, and in bad humor. What we don't all do, however, is share it with everyone around us at all times. Here, the golden rule we learned at age 6 continues to apply: If you don't have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself.

5. Interrupting

If someone's speaking, especially if that person is a supervisor, the polite course of action is to wait until they are finished with their thought to offer your own opinion. Interrupting people before they are done shows arrogance, even if you really are just excited to speak. Next time you're talking with someone in the office, keep a close eye on when you decide to let your words escape.