Find yourself occasionally filled with anxiety, nerves, or simply a desire to be more centered? Most people would recommend meditating. But for those of us who are too restless to sit on the floor cross-legged, contemplating life's enigmas, is there a better way to work through our thoughts?

Definitely--check out these 5 calming relaxation hacks the next time you need to unwind from your busy life.

1.Take a walk

Although this is the most common way for people to calm down, it's also a very effective one. Getting away from the inside office environment to take a deep breath of fresh air, be moved by different light and sound stimuli, and be a part of nature are all great for mental distraction when you feel bogged down.

2. Make art

If you have a creative eye or hand, put it to use whenever you have a spare moment. Focusing on something that isn't necessarily work--an activity that feels like play--takes our minds away from all the constant worrying. Being artistic has been shown to calm the nervous system, engaging different parts of the brain from the logic and reasoning sides we're so often being forced to use.

3. Use your voice

When anxiety takes charge of your mind, it can be hard to find things that ground you in the present, or the place and world you're really in. Humming out loud or singing along with a favorite song you know all the words to are easy ways to bring you back to your immediate surroundings. Hearing your own voice is reassuring in and of itself, but singing aids in directly influencing your mood and regulating your breathing to avoid hyperventilation.

4. Journal

Although some suggest writing your thoughts down as a form of catharsis, it's actually an incredibly effective way to understand your own thoughts, emotions, and where they come from. Journaling every day before bed--or at times you feel uneasy--is an excellent method of mental organization without necessarily meditating.

5. Stretch

We tend to hold a lot of tension in our bodies as physical manifestations of the unrest we feel. Stretching whenever we begin to experience anxiety can actually calm the body down. As we release lactic acid and tension in our muscles, we release the mental tension we hold as well.