Every age group has certain habits that make them look really unprofessional, and Millennials are no exception. Here are five bad habits that every Millennial should definitely avoid.

1. Overly distracted.

Having grown up in a world with an unending number of constant stimuli, Millennials find it really hard to direct all of their attention to one thing at a time. The internet, the smartphone, and the constant use of social media all harm Millennials further on this front; without the ability to live in the moment and finish the task at hand, there is no way to develop the new, creative ideas Millennials are often so excited about. Focus is key to forward motion.

2. Multitasking.

Despite the perceived benefits of multitasking, in reality the habit is a detrimental one. In addition to showing a lack of focus, multitasking decreases our ability to perform exceptionally at any one task. Excelling at a certain skill set is how we impress supervisors, move up in the work force, and gain substantial experience. Being the jack-of-all-trades unfortunately makes you the master of none.

3. Too connected to technology.

Staying in touch is important. Keeping in constant communication, across multiple social-media platforms, however, is a little bit different. Millennials, with the newly discovered fear of missing out (FOMO), have trouble disconnecting from things like texting and Facebook in order to foster real in-person relationships--ones that ultimately aid in professional development. Although social media plays a crucial role in marketing and business outreach, Millennials have to learn when to put the smartphone down--and when to look up.

4. Reading incorrectly.

The fast-paced culture of the internet has undeniably translated into real life. The idea of "TL; DR" is one that affects us beyond our quick emails and texts. Now we skim through articles composed of lists, expecting a nice wrap-up or summary at the end. However, our short attention spans compel us to practice critical reading. When we lack critical reading abilities, it hinders our capacity to follow directions--a trait that, in the end, makes us look less capable than we really are.

5. Inability to give or receive constructive criticism.

Overall, Millennials are very sensitive. They look out for each other and their colleagues, making sure that nobody gets hurt unnecessarily. Unfortunately, this trait sometimes impedes upwards growth that needs to happen. Millennials need to work toward taking things less personally and thinking in terms of the bigger picture rather than on an individual level. As important as people are, we also have to keep in mind that, sometimes, constructive criticism is the impetus needed to move things forward.