Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get inside the head of a job recruiter, or the manager who is considering hiring you for a new job? Actually, you can. There are certain habits most everyone who is interviewing job candidates looks for in the person they are interviewing. And if you happen to display these habits -- or can show evidence of them in your current and past positions --then this will certainly put you at the top of the list of candidates.

I recently spoke to Dan Gardner, co-founder of Code and Theory, which Fast Company recently named one of the most innovative companies in design. Code and Theory’s client roster includes such companies as Burger King, Vogue, Mashable, and Maybelline. Here are the five habits that Dan says will get you that new job you want -- every time.

1. Creativity

Whether in sales or coding, having a vision is key to putting in good work. Employers want workers whose past work is a reflection of their own story and interests.

2. A self-starter

Employees who challenge themselves are a powerful key to a business's success. Put examples in your resume of when you've spearheaded projects within your organization.

3. Humility

Applicants who boast too much can often give the impression that they have no room to improve. Showing an eagerness to learn is much more valuable than pretending you've done it all.

4. A unique worldview

Thoughtful people who keep a perspective tend to be great sources of creativity and a joy to work with. If you're comfortable speaking at length on one topic, a prospective employer will conclude that you have the brainpower to form opinions on others as well.

5. An understanding of current trends

Employers looks to hire those who will help them become leaders of their industry, so make sure you are current with it. Be prepared to answer open-ended questions about recent news in your field to assure your interviewer that you aren't stuck in the past.