No matter how successful a businessperson you might be, leading others is a very real challenge for many. And while we know that anyone can lead, not everyone can lead effectively.

What are the keys to being a remarkably effective leader? Read on to find out.

1. Communicate

Communication, especially if done effectively, personably, and with genuine intention, allows for people to feel closer to leaders--it builds trust, teamwork, and engagement. Good communication also builds real relationships within the company and promotes cohesive vision and teamwork, rather than relying on a common mission alone.

2. Acknowledge achievements

Sometimes, we think that we give enough credit where it's due, even though we really don't. As a leader, you will naturally receive a lot of the credit for the work of the company, so it's super important that you maintain your employees respect by acknowledging the good that they do--especially if they do it consistently and without fail.

3. Set reasonable goals

While goal-setting is necessary for undertaking any sort of enterprise, it makes sense to set goals that you know you will be able to accomplish, rather than very large or ambiguous goals. Lack of clarity, focus, or an ability to complete the goals you've determined always make for a frustrating and almost discouraging feeling among fellow employees.

4. Make time for those on your team

Another vital aspect of being a leader is accessibility. Make sure that you make time for conversations with others, especially in regards to improvement, constructive criticism, and feedback. Being in a position where you're known to listen to others, rather than blindly leading, is super important for maintaining good relations.

5. Don't take anything too seriously

When we're in higher-up positions, it can seem daunting to complete so many tasks on deadline, and have everything be of the highest quality. However, taking things too seriously will make you come off as someone who is uptight and makes those around you nervous. Let go a little, and your team will surely take more pride in the work they do--and have more fun doing it.