While we all know that building a strong team is essential to working well together, we all make mistakes in the process that ultimately set us up for failure rather than success.

When trying to put together the best team possible, it's crucial to avoid these 5 mistakes--or else you'll end up with an unproductive, disengaged group that fails to get the results you're hoping for.

1. Not getting the right people on board

This mistake is definitely the most obvious, but also one that's the most commonly made. Putting together a team that's built on experience is important, but it's also worth saying that resumes and past work experience aren't everything. Finding employees who are not aligned with and dedicated to the cause will only end with greater struggles later on.

2. Not delegating authority

When you give members of your team the ability to think for themselves or make decisions, it shows that you trust them--something that goes really far in boosting work morale or encouraging others to want to contribute their efforts. Not delegating authority will ultimately inhibit productivity, engagement, and innovation.

3. Letting things get boring

Even though we all need some structure, teams thrive when they work in fun, stimulating environments. So, do your best to spice things up as much as possible. Otherwise, everyone will begin thinking about other things they could be doing with their time.

4. Not branching outside

Although it's definitely traditional to do everything in the framework of the office, there's something refreshing about taking a stroll or meeting outside so that people get a breath of fresh air. Take everyone outside from time to time, no matter how strange it feels--even for just a coffee or brief walk. It might do your employees and staff wonders.

5. Lacking celebration of achievements

When people put their hard work into something and receive nothing in return, it's incredibly discouraging. Celebrate appropriately--and especially when every one on staff contributed to a huge accomplishment. Seeing that the team's work is valued and recognized is fantastic for boosting team morale, and encouraging other people to work as hard as possible.