Many things can lead to decreased levels of self-confidence: falling-outs with co-workers or your boss, frustration with work, or a lack of progress on personal goals, to name just a few. Self-confidence is, however, something that we must possess in order to exude positive energy. After all, as the old adage goes, how can others be confident in you if you aren't confident in yourself?

Check out these five hacks to instantly boost your confidence--and watch your presence grow.

1. Adopt the right body language

It's definitely not uncommon to fake it until you make it--and how you appear definitely reflects that. Standing up tall, with your back straight and your legs spread out slightly further apart than hip width, is definitely a way of asserting your proposed self-confidence. In fact, your body will recognize the superhero stance and send feedback to your brain to feel more confident.

2. Deflect negativity--absorb positivity

No one needs more negative energy in his or her life--there's usually already plenty to go around. Make it a point to stay away from those who give off negativity, or who bring you down. Instead, surround yourself with people who are positive and who want to build you up instead of tear you down.

3. Always be prepared

While preparation typically comes with planning, there's something to be said about staying prepared in the face of uncertainty or spontaneous events. The ability to maintain your calm while improvising is a great skill--and definitely not one that everyone possesses. Be prepared to the best of your ability, but also be prepared to be unprepared. It'll help reassure you when things go wrong.

4. Remind yourself what's good in your life

When the going gets tough, it can be difficult to remember the good in our lives. So write a list of the good things in your life so you can always remember. Write a list of things and people you are thankful for, of the opportunities that have opened up to you at work this month, or of things you like about yourself. It might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but once you read it over, your confidence will surely surge.

5. Don't accept failure

This is by far the most important confidence hack of them all. If things don't work out, don't take no for an answer. Know that there's always a way. Know that you'll find the way to get there. It'll just take patience, trust, and a bunch of faith in yourself, and it will be worth it.