With distractions at an arm's reach at all times these days, it's all too easy to find reasons to procrastinate. Don't waste another second making excuses for the things you have to do. If you're putting off some tasks right now, read on for reasons you must stop procrastinating.

1. It's the easy way out

We put things off when there is something more challenging at hand. Instead of rising to the challenge and completing the task we have to do, we find smaller, insignificant activities to fill our time--telling ourselves that we're getting something done. Nobody likes knowing they're cruising down easy street. So, get off Facebook and do whatever it is you have been putting off.

2. Remember your future

Although it seems like a bit of a drastic measure, putting things in perspective of what's at stake for one's future reminds us how much the little things matter. Sometimes things like completing a project or getting all our work done on time seem so trivial that they can't possibly matter. But reminding ourselves that every little step really does add up to something big is the ultimate motivation to cease procrastinating.

3. Do it for your health

Interestingly enough, scientists have discovered that there is actually a link between procrastination and hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Although the study didn't prove causality, researchers hypothesized that procrastinators potentially punish themselves over unfinished projects and over a lack of control in their lives.

4. The result is sloppy work

Everyone--no matter how seasoned he or she is at anything--knows that throwing something together last minute is never as good as having the time to review their final product a couple of times. Regardless of how tempting it may be to think you have enough time, finish whatever you have to do in advance so that you can turn in work of which you are proud.

5. There's less time for fun

When we procrastinate, we are allowing ourselves short-term gratification rather than thinking of what's best for ourselves in the long run. We leave less time to spend with loved ones, family, and friends. We waste our precious seconds and minutes on doing things we don't even really have to--when all we need to do is finish the task at hand so that we can truly enjoy life to its full potential.