Contrary to popular belief, millennials aren't all that different from anyone else. Yet, some pieces of advice we used to heavily value unfortunately no longer apply to this rising generation. Read on for 5 wise quotes of wisdom made new again to inspire millennials to achieve truly great success.

1. "Leadership is the ability to turn vision into reality."

Although millennials are great at idealization and idea generation, their most striking downfall is usually the inability to turn those ideas into concrete actions. Millennials should therefore take care to look for ways to develop their thoughts into pragmatic, real steps in order to ensure the realization of their dreams.

2. "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

Even though the famous Lennon quote held a lot of weight when the Beatles were in their prime, the words hold even more meaning in today's technology-ridden world. When millennials are too busy scrolling down their newsfeeds or clacking away at their pocket-sized keyboards, how can they actually stay present in each passing moment? Seize each moment--not an uncertain future--and embrace success.

3. "Money can't buy you happiness."

Millennials understand very well--perhaps even more than the baby boomer generation before them--just how much more important experiences are than monetary goods. Generation Y is the first to advocate for making experience-based memories over material possessions, such as going to events, traveling, or spending time with loved ones. So, don't set your sights on something as disposable as money--it can't buy you success, either.

4. "The pen is mightier than the sword."

With the Internet at our fingertips, raising awareness about a cause has become easier than ever before. Voicing our opinions doesn't appear to have an effect on a day-to-day basis but can make a huge difference when they combine in large volumes. Speak your mind on issues you care about, on every medium you can.

5. "The grass is always greener on the other side."

In this age of rabid fear of missing out, it's important to keep in mind that, no matter who we are, we will always think that others lead better lives than we do. Millennials should check their FOMO and instead feel grateful for every moment they lead, every day.