Nowadays, the common understanding--a.k.a., misconception--of productivity is the ability to get a lot of things done in a very short period of time; this is a result of the digital age that we live in. While technology has created a myriad of options and sophisticated apps for people with the intention of helping them become more productive, super productive people have their own way of doing things. They focus on accomplishing tasks utilizing a different approach, and never by means of multi-tasking.

Super productive people are able to produce the very best results in a timely manner. Here are their secret habits for you to put into play and become super productive too.

1. Take care of yourself

You need energy and motivation to be productive. Attend to your mental and physical needs by sleeping a minimum of six hours, eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and drinking plenty of water. This will maintain your energy and concentration levels high throughout the day. Exercise is also important fuel for your productivity. In other words, strive to be healthy and stay healthy.

2. Focus on what matters the most

Make a list of the things that you most need to get done, and then review the list once it is completed. Adopt the less-is-more approach to focus on the things the matter the most. You can easily get overwhelmed by looking at everything that you have to do and trying to accomplish everything all at once. Realize that you are not a robot to accomplish all of your to-do items; some things can wait or can simply be eliminated.

3. Ask for help

Maximize your time by asking for help when you feel it's necessary. Delegate certain things to others and give your full attention to what you are working on to move forward to the next task. Don't limit yourself by thinking that you have to do everything on your own. You have resources that can contribute to helping you complete things from your to-do list.

4. Improve your work system

Checking your e-mail constantly throughout the day only leads to loss of focus and productivity. Establish a routine for checking your e-mail a few times during the course of the day, and spend a maximum of two hours a day doing this. Take calls on a priority basis and meet with people only as needed. Communicate with others to let them know of your new, improved work approach, and ask them to do their part to support it.

5. Take breaks

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, get away from your desk regularly. You may want to go outside for a quick walk or to take some deep breaths of fresh air, or even just getting up out of your chair and doing some simple movement exercises. Sitting for long periods of time boosts the possibility of declining health, so it's best not to stay glued to your chair. Consider taking a five-minute break every hour to keep your health a top priority and to be more productive.