Those with more confidence are the ones getting the promotions and outperforming their peers. It has even been proven that you are more likely to get a date if you have a healthy dose of confidence. The bottom line is: Confidence plays a healthy role in success and, therefore, can increase your overall happiness.

Most of us experience moments when our confidence ebbs and we question ourselves. Maybe we made a mistake or we overheard someone say something negative about us or our work. Whatever occurred, it made us pause and question ourselves or our abilities.

Thankfully, there are things we can do to boost our confidence. Here are five quick-fix confidence boosters to help you get your confidence back in full swing.

1. Exercise

This can seem a bit counterintuitive--especially on days when we feel out of shape--but it's actually incredibly important for feeling good about ourselves, both physically and mentally. Exercise is great for releasing endorphins in our brains that make us feel instant gratification for moving our bodies. Long term, after we shower off that sweat, we feel a bit more in shape than we started--always a plus for a bad day.

2. Put on a power outfit

The old adage says to fake it till you make it. While this seems a bit cliche, especially on days when you don't feel like faking anything, it turns out it might be true. Dressing the part, in nice, flattering clothes that make you feel great, is actually one of the easiest ways to instantly feel more confident. So turn to your closet on your bad day. It might have the answers.

3. Act positive

Occasionally, forcing yourself to have a good time in a setting where you aren't at ease can actually leave you in a better mood than when you began. If you don't feel comfortable enough to tackle a situation, pretend like you're having a great time. Soon enough, you might shed that discomfort altogether and find your confidence.

4. Do a small thing

Complete one very small act on your to-do list as soon as you can. No matter how trivial the task is, it'll be enough to leave you feeling ready to take on much bigger things right away. It's a life hack that comes in handy in times when your confidence is fading fast and you feel laughably overwhelmed.

5. Stand tall

How our body acts really does have an impact on our emotions and self-perceptions. Play into the belief by standing up tall yourself, and marvel at the changes in your self-confidence alone. People are naturally attracted to those who carry themselves well--so you even get the added bonus of increased respect.