Find yourself emptying your wallet over the holidays? According to Richie Copelovich--executive VP of sales and merchandising at iFLY Luggage--you can prevent that from happening again this year with these 5 secret insider holiday travel tips.

Remember: It's never too late to save some money on your holiday travel. Give these 5 secret insider tips a try, and maybe your holidays will be happier--and a little less stressful.

1. Rent a car at 2am

Although many of us wouldn't think of it, cars are actually cheaper to rent when there is the least demand--especially at busy places like airports and major train stations. Rent your car between 11PM and 2AM on a Friday night--that's when the best rates are first posted for the best models.

2. Match your fare

If you fly often with one airline, your customer standing may have more weight than you think, as airlines are hesitant to lose any kind of loyal business. If you've booked a flight that you found for much cheaper on another airline, or are simply shopping around, find the right travel agent and ask them to contact that airline to see if they'll match the advertised fare from others.

3. Spontaneity is the enemy

While the most spontaneous trips are the ones that ultimately end up the most fun, even a little bit of forward planning can actually go a long way, especially when long-distance travel is involved. If a flight you're planning to take gets delayed or cancelled, know a back-up plan just in case. If there's a particular airline or airport you know to avoid, make sure to keep those in mind in those emergency situations.

4. Know your 6th freedom rights

The 6th freedom allows U.S. airlines to take on Canadian passengers--or the other way around--when they're traveling to international destinations. For example, if you're trying to fly to China with United Airlines, the cost for booking a ticket will likely be lower if you book your ticket in Canada than in the U.S. The rule follows in the opposite fashion if you're from Canada and booking in the U.S.

5. Know how to status match

In the transportation game, loyalty is huge. If you have a certain flyer status with a particular airline but want to switch airlines--and maintain the same status--it's actually possible to do that. If you inform the airline you want to switch to of your current status, the new airline will likely match your status level with a qualifying period of one year to obtain the miles to maintain the given status.