Ben Nemtin is no stranger to the impossible. In 2006, Nemtin and three of his friends created a bucket list of 100 things they wanted to do before they die, and since then, they have: played basketball with President Obama at the White House, created their own TV show on MTV, made a $100,000 donation to the World Food Program, and accomplished even more life goals.

In his inspiring 2018 commencement speech at the University of Utah, Nemtin offers words of wisdom to the young graduates, on how to pursue what's important, and how to not put your dreams on the back burner. Whether you are graduating this year or not, check out Nemtin's five steps to conquering the impossible -- you might achieve a thing or two (or even 100!):

1. Write down your dream.

No longer is your dream just a thought -- writing it down makes it tangible and gives it life. Nemtin emphasizes that studies show people who write down their goals are 40 percent more likely to succeed. "That's an easy 40 percent," he says. "Take it."

2. Talk about your dreams.

Although Nemtin asks us to remember we can do anything, he does make it a point to remind us that accomplishing things all by yourself is impossible. As he says, help shows up in the most unexpected ways, and "if you don't talk about your dreams, no one can help you."

3. Persist.

In a world where giving up means failure, you can increase your odds of success simply by persisting. In fact, "success depends on consistency of effort as much as it does on the quality of work."

4. Take moon shots.

If "99 percent of the world does not believe they can do great things," then 99 percent of people are shooting for mediocre goals. Not only does a big dream give you purpose and attract the right people to you, but when you shoot for unrealistic goals and for the stars, you will face less competition!

5. Give.

When you give, others will see you in the world helping other people, and they will want to help you as well. But beyond that, giving back will bring you a greater sense of fulfillment.

If you can do the impossible for yourself, you can help do the same for others! "By doing what you love, you inspire other people to do what they love," Nemtin asserts. "And that ripple effect goes far beyond what you'll ever know."

Check out Ben's full commencement speech in the video: