Need a quick vacation from the stressful and mundane day-to-day? Don't fall into the tourist traps of the most traveled to locations (think Bali, Hawaii, the Bahamas). Instead, venture a little off the beaten path to gorgeous, clear waters undisturbed by hordes of tourists. Trust me, it'll be worth the absolute serenity you feel once you get there.

Plan a vacation to one of these 5 underrated places to visit this year rather than an overdone, overpriced tropical destination--and be quick! If you hurry, you might even beat the massive flux of tourists there.

1. Bermuda

Although everyone talks about the Caribbean, few people remember Bermuda, a British territory in the Atlantic. It's close to the East Coast--just a couple hours by plane--and possesses beautiful waters, coasts, and an eclectic mix of British and American culture.

2. Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Southeast Asia has already made a name for itself as a worldwide tourist destination, but surprisingly few people consider Vietnam an idea beach spot. This Vietnamese paradise has virtually untouched white-sand beaches, perfect for snorkeling or tanning in isolation.

3. Samoa

A country in the westernmost group of the Samoan Islands in Polynesia, Samoa abounds with lush green rainforests, tropical waterfalls, and stunningly colorful beaches. It rivals places like Fiji or Costa Rica with its activities, but remains relatively uncrowded.

4. Tofino, Canada

The water might be a little cold on Vancouver Island, but this rugged surf town knows how to do beach getaway in the most romantic way. The Pacific Northwest brings a bit of a chill, but also provides a great deal of grounded, calm relaxation--without the flux of tourists that comes with a tropical paradise. Breezy, mild mornings and sky-transforming sunsets shape one's time in Tofino--perfect for a weekend of tranquility.

5. Faro, Portugal

Portugal's coast is already incredibly well known for its warm weather, cheap prices, and beautiful sites, but few people know about the small beach town of Faro. Faro is located in Portugal's Algarve, the country's southernmost region known for its Mediterranean beaches and undeveloped, rocky coast.