A friend once told me, "Sometimes you don't have to say any words--you just know when things are right." While I greatly appreciate her trust in human intuition, there are moments when words are indeed quite necessary.

Are you on the road to happiness? What does your gut tell you? Here are 5 sure ways to tell whether or not you really are.

1.You fall asleep easily at night

Although the way we sleep isn't necessarily an indication of how successful we are, it is definitely a way of gauging how stable our mental state is. The happier we are overall, the more likely we are to achieve peace of mind when hitting the hay.

2. You don't crave bad things

When we're feeling self-destructive, we tend to seek out things that we know will harm us, with the intention of doing them anyway. If we're eating well, not indulging in vices, and just living well, we won't need our guilty pleasures.

3. Your relationships are thriving

People are attracted to happy people--that goes without saying. If you have an aura of being happy with yourself, people will naturally seek out your company for that same energy. You'll find yourself surrounded by good friends who simply want to enjoy life, without even knowing how.

4. You are more open to trying new things

Only when we are in a comfortable place do we ever feel confident reaching out. If you find yourself saying yes to opportunities you would have dismissed without a second thought in another life, you know you're trying to grow. Happiness, and all its great bliss, must just be around the corner.

5. You stay in the moment

When is the only time that there is nowhere else to be? When you're content right where you are, of course. Funny enough, the times that we're happy are the times that push us further on the path to finding still greater joy. If you're checking your phone and social media accounts less often, chances are you're okay with living in each moment of the present. And that's happiness, isn't it?