Despite how much we want to find the good in people, unfortunately this is not always the case. Certain people--sometimes, ones that we hold alarmingly close in our lives--are unable to process emotion or empathy in the same way that others are.

Such people--sociopaths--lie, cheat, and feel no remorse in causing others pain, and are a surprising 4% of the population according to the book Sociopath Next Door.

Here are 5 warning signs you might be working with a sociopath. You might not be able to fix them, but at least you can stay out of their way.

1. They invent hyperbolic lies

Sociopaths will lie about the smallest things--even things that don't seem to matter. Watch out if the person you're working with chronically fibs about seemingly meaningless things. It could be a sign of a much deeper problem.

2. They're super intelligent

Sociopaths are able to process information in a cold and calculated manner, logically and at lightning speed. They're able to completely remove emotion from a decision-making system, instead making it much more about efficiency.

3. They never apologize

Only those who feel guilt are able to apologize. Sociopaths, on the other hand, never feel like they have done anything wrong, because they do not believe they owe anyone anything. Check to see if the person you work with is always making mistakes, but never saying "I'm sorry."

4. They are delusional

Instead of following traditional paths or believing in reality, sociopaths often think that whatever they see in their minds will come true. Even though the world in their minds is completely disconnected from that of real life, they continue to believe that outlandish outcomes will really happen--even with no action on their part professionally.

5. They are incapable of love

The most telltale sign that you're dealing with a sociopath is whether or not the person you're working with is capable of love. Have they built close relationships with others? Do they care about them as much as their friends or family care about them? If not, then chances are love is out of reach.