Ever wonder what makes some people much more liked than others in social settings? Or why there are certain people who can win over multiple friends without so much as a second thought?

Turns out, it's not all natural talent--there are some secrets to the trade as well. Want to become more likable? Read on for 5 habits of immensely likable people.

1. They ask questions--and wait to hear the answers.

Think back to the many times someone has asked you how you're doing without sticking around long enough for you to get out a second word. Nobody likes people who are self-absorbed, especially those who pretend to care. Be a truly good friend--ask questions and stick around to hear the answer--and watch how more people enjoy being with you.

2. They do not come to quick conclusions.

Nobody should be preliminarily judged based on appearance or a perceived stereotype--especially not without giving others a chance to tell their story. It's important to remember that we all come from different walks of life and that no one else really knows what another person has been through. You scare people away when you jump to and share your conclusions too quickly--wait before drawing conclusions to make sure your opinion is always a fair one.

3. They don't need attention.

One of the greatest downfalls of human nature is that so many of us are hungry for attention. That's why you'll often find that if you place the attention on others instead, they're usually grateful for it and admire you more for it. When we don't have the need to make ourselves the star of every show, others will be much more likely to want to spend time with us.

4. They are reliable.

This habit is really as simple as it seems. Likable people don't cancel last minute and they don't show up 30 minutes late. They simply do what they say they are going to do, banning an emergency, of course. Be reliably consistent, and those you interact with will appreciate you more and may very well return the same courtesy to you.

5. They smile.

People underestimate the positive power of a smile. It is scientifically proved that you are far more attractive and draw the positive attention of others when you smile frequently and genuinely.