Although Donald Trump's educational venture, Trump University, has been in some hot water as of late, Trump and his cohorts built a powerful sales organization around it. This sales organization was focused on selling pricey Trump Gold Elite real estate programs to the tune of $35,000.

According to the Trump University 2010 Playbook, which was ordered to be released to the public by the judge hearing a lawsuit against the organization, there are 5 power phrases "...that should become part of your everyday vocabulary." These phrases include:

1. "Help me understand that better."

One of the techniques used by any salesperson worth his or her salt is to get their prospects talking--and to keep them talking. You want prospects to voice their goals, their hopes and aspirations--and their concerns, fears, and objections--and then you want to address them one by one, explaining how whatever it is that you're selling brings them closer to their desired state.

2. "I'm listening."

We all want to be listened to--it's a sign that the other person cares about what we have to say and that they respect us. When you say "I'm listening," you're acknowledging that the person you're having a conversation with is important to you and that they have your attention.

3. "Go on."

This is closely related to the first Trump University Power Phrase, "Help me understand that better." Anything you can do to dig down to a person's real feelings--positive, negative, or indifferent--about whatever topic it is you're talking about will help you provide them with better solutions to their problems, or to better address any objections they may have.

4. "Why?"

If you want to quickly drill down to the answer you seek, keep asking this simple but powerful question: Why? Some recommend asking "Why?" at least 5 times to get to the heart of the matter--no matter how complex it might be. Give it a try and you might be surprised how easy it is to get the answers you're looking for, simply by asking "Why?"

5. "OH!"

Okay, I've got to admit that I'm not sure why Donald Trump considers the exclamation "OH!" to be a power phrase, but it's in the Trump University Playbook, so it must be awesome--right?