Tired of hearing that the early bird gets the worm? Counteract that sentiment by being the early bird--you won't know how well it can work for you unless you give it a try.

Being an early riser is one of the most prevalent traits among great leaders, CEOs, and other influential people. Here are 5 surprising things the most successful do each morning.

1. As much as they can

Surprisingly, there are many successful people who wake at 6 am, or earlier, and get a couple hours of work in before everyone else's alarms begin to chime.

2. Stick to a schedule

Many of the most successful rise at the same time each day and have a morning routine that is unwavering. It makes them feel grounded and happy when they find a routine that works for them--one that effectively jumpstarts their day.

3. Take care of their health

Many successful people start their day with a bottle of water, prepare their own smoothies, and take vitamins regularly. And, they typically do some form of exercise. Consider other popular activities such as yoga and meditation too.

4. Work on a personal passion

Even if it's for only ten or fifteen minutes, many take time during their morning routines to immerse themselves in something that spurs their creativity--things like writing in their personal journals or tending to their gardens. Branching outside of our mundane routines first thing in the morning can do wonders for how we feel about the rest of our day.

5. Drink coffee

Caffeine can be a wonder drug of sorts, especially in the morning. Even the most successful need a little kick in the morning and grab a cup of coffee or tea. For people who are very groggy and tired first thing in the morning, with very little inclination to actually get up, caffeine could get you going and on your way to becoming a huge success yourself.