Even though bosses usually are the ones who run the show, there are things even bosses do that can make them look very unprofessional--sometimes even causing their employees to resent them for their behavior.

Here are 5 things bosses do that make them look really unprofessional. If you're a leader, then be careful that you're not doing these things yourself.

1. Lack of decisiveness

When a leader can't decide which way to go, how can the rest of his team know how to follow? Employees will definitely respect leaders who are decisive and who aren't always changing their minds--especially over big, important decisions that require a fair amount of thought. Have a game plan set in stone before proposing action to the rest of your team--it definitely makes any leader look more professional.

2. Lack of empathy

Empathy--or the ability to understand another's emotions and respond accordingly--is one of the most important traits of being a good leader. However, instead of showing vulnerability and understanding, many leaders show their callous side and act far more harshly than need be. Their lack of human emotion can actually make them appear more unprofessional than their honest emotion.

3. Lack of focus

Being easily distracted is a childlike quality, something that reflects poorly on a leader who is supposed to be demonstrating maturity. If a leader is easily derailed, his or her lack of focus gives the impression to other employees that it's also okay to be similarly unfocused--maybe so much so that nothing much ever gets done.

4. Lack of optimism

While it's not realistic to be optimistic 24/7, there is something to be said about being optimistic about uncertain outcomes--sometimes, it's necessary to convince the rest of the team that a project is even worth pursuing. Leaders should demonstrate positivity when called for, and keep their own negativity out of the public eye.

5. Lack of accountability

Of all the people in a business, leaders should be the ones we can count on the most. They are, however, sometimes the very ones we can count on the least of all. Making sure that you're leading by example--getting to work early, hosting meetings efficiently, and meeting your own deadlines--sets a very professional tone for your workplace.