These days, it seems like almost all of our discussion is centered on millennials: what they do best, what they struggle to excel at, how they interact with others in the workplace. While this reigning generation has commonly been critiqued to prove difficult on the job, this is not really the case at all.

The good news is that there are certain things millennials can do to be perceived as more professional at work. Here are 5 that can make a big difference for anyone, anywhere.

1. Limiting the use of exclamation points and emojis

While it can seem natural to chat casually with those we work with nowadays, peppering our emails with multiple exclamation points and smiley faces, it's always better to err on the side of formality and leave the other emoticons unused.

2. Writing concise, clear emails

Even though long emails are great for outlining specifics and details that you may not have gotten around to in person, seeing a whole block of text on your phone or laptop screen may dissuade you from reading it carefully at all. Writing shorter, to-the-point emails shows that you rely on real-life interaction to get important messages across--a valuable trait in a millennial (or anyone, for that matter).

3. Putting down your phone

Demonstrating that you have the ability to detach from your most-used device is something that will be much appreciated--by millennials and older generations alike. Try to leave it untouched when doing actual productive work in the office. Trust me, your higher-ups will notice.

4. Cutting back on the slang

Lingo can be great to show that you're in with the cool kids or the right crowd, but excessively throwing around slang at the office doesn't benefit anybody. Sometimes, overusing trendy, niche words can even give the impression that you don't know how to actually speak correctly at all. Refraining from dabbling in too much contemporary, youthful speech at the office will surely aid in helping you come across as articulate and well spoken.

5. Knowing what you want

A lack of decisiveness can be seen as a negative attribute in a professional setting. The way to combat that, of course, is simply by maintaining focus through a sure and well-executed path. Prove your professionalism by setting your goals--and seeing them through to the end without indulging in the millennial habit of changing your mind halfway through and moving on to something else.