When you're starting a business, you face many challenges. Whether it's startup capital (and it always is), developing a product from conception to market, or leading a talented group of people, the experience can drain even the most optimistic innovator, no matter how inspiring her product might be. And that doesn’t even include family tensions, personal finance tensions, and the smackdown those things put on our bodies.

To follow through on your business idea and to keep a sane life, you must have faith in your product's potential to raise capital and eventually drive revenue. You also need faith in yourself--that you can do everything that needs to be done to follow through and launch your business.

However, there's one more kind of faith that can benefit your startup--and yourself.

A group of entrepreneurs in Cincinnati believe that faith in God, who is above and beyond anyone's individual capacities, can bring both personal peace and positive results for your business. These entrepreneurs have put together the upcoming Unpolished Conference, a national conference on entrepreneurship and faith featuring a variety of speakers, including Kirk Perry, Google's president of Brand Solutions, television reality show producer Mark Burnett, leadership expert John Maxwell, and many others.

Can faith really benefit a startup? Unpolished gives us five reasons why it can.

1. Faith gives us the assurance we aren't on our own

New ventures are scary; that's why no one else has done them before. Having faith that God is with you can help carry you through those times--from Demo Day to beta launch--when you are struggling to believe in your own ability to succeed. A scientific study in the Netherlands, first reported by Inc.com in March, suggests a belief in God gives entrepreneurs a greater tolerance for positive risks.

2. Faith helps you dream big

Big dreams come from a big God. Why not ask for his help with your own startup dreams? Quiet time spent reflecting on your dreams for your business can enhance your vision for what you and your company can do.

3. Faith gives you creativity

God is the most creative entity in the history of everything. Tapping into God is like tapping into a stream of creativity that exceeds our natural abilities. The same God came up with both rainbow eucalyptus trees and volcanic lightning.

4. Faith gives you purpose

For most people, the potential to raise a profit won't be enough to get you through the remarkable challenges of starting up a new business and then growing it. But faith in God can give us a greater purpose. Maybe your product can also be distributed to school children in the developing world, or perhaps your distribution lines can ensure fair labor practices, or maybe the profit you earn can be used to support efforts to bring clean drinking water to the world. Without faith in a greater purpose, business success can lead to a "Now what?" mentality with no clear answer except to start another business.

5. Faith helps you sell your vision

Selling a vision (to investors, employees, customers, etc.) requires true passion and faith in what you’re doing. While it's possible to achieve this on your own, having faith in God can make the process easier by reminding you of your self worth and giving you confidence that God wants to bless you and your business.