Despite all the flack they may receive, it's undeniable that Millennials are changing the workplace game. Although generalizing can be dangerous, a couple steadfast facts hold true: Millennials are forcing employers to rethink the traditional corporate life, and they are winning in the workplace. Read on to find out five ways how.

1. They know it's about understanding the concepts, not the grunt work

Previous generations have overly valued the quantity of work done over the quality of output. With the advent of the newest working class, however, nothing would stay the same. Unlike their predecessors, Millennials are passionate about learning, about imbuing their minds with as much knowledge as humanly possible--not simply getting through something or showing their employers something done half-heartedly. They know the value of doing good, clean work, not working for the sake of work.

2. They don't pride office time over remote work

An often-overlooked aspect of Millennials in the workplace is their ability to meet deadlines remotely. In a growing technological age, many companies haven't made the full shift to digital. Some employers still value face time over time put in at home, despite the fact that the work done at home may actually be better.

3. They value learning by experience

Millennials, in spite of the backlash they receive for seeming incredibly self-absorbed, actually make great listeners. They love hearing other people's stories of success, of failure, of everything. They take these stories and learn from them, applying the lessons in their own lives in order to keep from making the same mistakes. This tactic not only saves Millennials tons of time, it also promotes interpersonal communication and relationship growth.

4. They know how to live

A refreshing aspect of Millennials is their commitment to promoting a healthy life--not necessarily a healthy work-life balance. They realize that the key to success is not necessarily striking the perfect balance between the two, but rather letting the two exist harmoniously in their own souls.

5. They don't believe in doing things the old way

Perhaps the most compelling Millennial trait is the thirst for innovation. Millennials thrive on new things, on new developments and habits. They don't necessarily believe in sticking to the tried and true simply to get the same results. They question whether or not things can be done in a more effective way, and the truth is, they often can.