We all sometimes hope that, if we're able to land just the right email or message to the right person, it just might land us the right job or opportunity. Billionaire investor and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban receives a steady flood of email messages every day. According to Cuban, he personally reads them all, but 99 percent get deleted before he finishes the first paragraph.

But an email message that arrived one day got Cuban's attention, and it changed the sender's life forever.

The guy behind the email is Adam Lyons, founder of an insurance rate-comparing application called the Zebra--and a high school dropout who's been fired from a number of jobs. While it was a long shot, when Lyons sent Mark Cuban an email message with the title "Want to disrupt the insurance industry?" Cuban read the entire message. And then he responded to Lyons within minutes, eventually becoming an investor in Lyons's company.

Here, according to Lyons, are the five things he did to attract Mark Cuban's attention--and how you can attract anyone's attention in an email message.

1. A good intro

"I was short. I was to the point." says Lyons. He knew he needed something short and eye-catching, not something slow.

2. Personality

"To some extent, particularly with an investor or somebody you are going to work with or spend a lot of time with, you want to get along with them," says Lyons.

3. Show your enthusiasm

"If you are dedicating your life to a project, then you are obviously pretty excited about that project and you believe in it, so how would you articulate and share that with somebody? That's the goal," says Lyons. "That's step one."

4. Have the work under way

"A lot of folks want to talk about an idea that they have. Well, everybody has an idea," says Lyons. "You want to talk about what you have done, and the progress you have made, not what you are going to do as much. Then you just have to do it. You can't be afraid. You don't want to overthink it."

5. Don't close the deal in the first contact

"I wasn't trying to close him in the email," says Lyons. "Mark Cuban. I am sure he gets thousands of emails a day. If I try to just tell him my entire story and close it, that's just not going to work. The game was, 'Can I just flat out get a response, period?'"