No matter how hard it may be to get up every morning, it's inarguable that there are certain benefits to being a morning person. Typically, you're more productive in the mornings, less distracted and tired while doing your work, and more likely to kick-start your day with positivity than those who stay up into the wee hours of the night.

For many of us, however, it can be really difficult to want to jump--or roll--out of bed every morning, much less do it with gusto. Since we've spent much of our lives hearing that the early bird gets the worm, we might wonder just how we can become the early birds ourselves--so read on to find out five fail-proof ways.

1. Keep a consistent sleep schedule

Even though it's easy to vary our bedtimes on the basis of our daily activities, our body's circadian rhythm is much more in tune when we consistently go to sleep and rise at the same times every day. Be realistic, and set goals that you'll be able to stick to, but do your best to refrain from an all-nighter one night and sleeping 14 hours the next.

2. Drink a glass of water before bed

Studies show that dehydration is one of the things that plague us the most when getting out of bed each morning. Keep water on your nightstand so you make the waking process as easy as it can be.

3. Do not snooze your alarm

Although getting an extra five or 10 minutes of sleep may seem appealing in the moment, it turns out that snoozing is actually much less beneficial for us than it appears. The time in between our being fully asleep or fully awake is time we could use to be efficiently doing either--both of which would be more beneficial.

4. Move your body

Something as simple as stretching or a short cardio workout can do wonders for helping you wake up. Afraid you'll fall victim to the daybreak laziness? Wear your workout clothes to bed. It'll push you to get moving.

5. Eat

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day--but also a way of stimulating your mind to tell your body to start moving. Putting protein into your system early on will give you much-needed energy to jump-start your day.