When you're a leader, learning how to properly delegate work to others is an essential skill--and one that you should routinely make use of. Not only does it take responsibility for routine tasks off of your own shoulders, it provides your people with opportunities to learn and to gain vital skills and responsibilities for their own careers.

Here are 5 ways for anyone to master the art of delegation, one task at a time.

1. Define the task clearly

Be super clear and direct about the task you'd like the person to complete, as well as the expected outcome. Describe the goal, but let the person you're delegating to achieve it in the best way they see fit.

2. Give the necessary authority through trust

Knowing that someone else will be completing your task for you requires that they have the authority and trust on your end to make whatever you want to see come true happen.

3. Ask questions to ensure comprehension at the onset

Often, many of the mistakes we make are due to misunderstandings, or the fact that people have misunderstood exactly what the goals are for the task. Double check to make sure the person you're delegating a task to knows exactly what you're asking for--and do it before they've already given you the finished product.

4. Schedule check-ins

The most effective way to ensure that people are on task is simply through knowing the timeline of every person involved, and touching base with them at various points through their work to ensure it's as promised. Otherwise, if you wait until the last minute, you're leaving a lot to chance.

5. Make corrections as needed

Offering constructive feedback or criticism is absolutely necessary for people who are looking to improve their work, especially if they're embarking or undertaking a task they haven't done before. Being able to offer corrections in a productive manner is essential to ensuring that the person you've delegated to can provide the right outcome at the right time--which is what ultimately matters at the very end.