Feeling a little lost or bogged down? We all do from time to time. The key is to keep moving forward as you gain clarity and self-awareness. Soon, you'll get yourself back on the right track.

Ground yourself by doing these 5 things right away to immediately improve your life.

1. Organize your thoughts

Writing out lists, for example, is a great way of organizing all the things that happen in our minds--get all those random thoughts down on paper. Sometimes, thoughts are incredibly difficult to turn into real action. When we write them all down, or do some other equivalent form of compartmentalization, we are able to make sense of things that can otherwise overwhelm us.

2. Dress the part

Whatever dressing well means to you, make the extra effort to incorporate thought about your appearance into your daily morning routine. Often, finding ourselves in places where we feel sloppily presented, or just not looking our best, leaves us self-conscious and unsure about an interaction. Present yourself at your prime every day in order to avoid ever feeling less than absolutely worthy.

3. Express gratitude

Too often, life flies by without our ever acknowledging all that others do for us. Break the habit of staying silent by showing how thankful you are for those in your life--and break it often. Your friends, co-workers, and loved ones--and even the person who held the door open for you that extra ten seconds. With each expression of gratitude, you will be reminded of how fortunate you really are.

4. Stop comparing

There will always be someone with a better-paying job, with a more stable family life, or with a more exciting summer vacation destination. What matters, however, is not how well we do in comparison with everyone else's lives and careers, but rather how well we do within our own. Don't fall into the trap of perennial dissatisfaction--stop comparing yourself to others.

5. Take care of yourself

One of the hardest things to do consistently is to take good, active, and consistent care of our bodies. We often forget that--although our bodies feel like vessels for our minds--they are the only things we really have at the end of the day. It's so important to consistently keep our bodies rested, hydrated, and healthily fed so our bodies allow more time for our minds to take in the wonders of being alive.

Published on: Mar 25, 2016
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