Ever wonder how you're really doing at work when you rarely, if ever, receive positive comments on your performance? While there's a good chance that you're doing just fine, if your boss doesn't tell you how it's going, how can you know for sure?

Here are six signs that you're excelling even though your boss stays silent.

1. Your projects are talked about

When people are moved by work, they feel compelled to discuss it. They'll usually pass it along to their friends, other co-workers, and their peers. No matter what the subject matter is, if you're being positively talked about, you're probably doing a really stellar job. People only talk about others they notice.

2. You've been receiving more tasks

As you move higher up the organizational ladder, you'll be trusted with more and more responsibility. This is a sign that your boss believes you can handle the workload. So just keep doing exactly what you are. At some point, they might even come to you about a promotion.

3. You receive constructive criticism

When you are offered constructive criticism to improve your work, it's never a bad thing. It means that people have seen and realized your potential for greatness, and they want to help you get there. Always take constructive criticism to heart--it really is a gift, and it might be exactly what you need to get to the next level in your career.

4. You are praised, though rarely

If you don't receive praise for every project, you could feel understandably uncertain how others are receiving your work. However, the times you are praised--as rare as they may be--do count. Your boss's silence could very well mean that he is confident you will do good work. Perhaps she even no longer feels it's necessary to tell you so.

5. You communicate often, and with good feedback

When we're in constant communication with our higher-ups, it's never a bad thing. Unless they're solely admonishing you, typically, being in touch with our superiors means that we're on a friendlier basis with them than others in the company.

6. You maintain a positive energy

People are drawn to others who exude good energies. If you bring a certain light to your workplace and others have noticed, nobody needs to say anything. You know you're succeeding.

Finally, if you're not sure how you're doing and your boss hasn't said anything in a while, just ask. You just might be surprised at what he or she has to say (in a good way).