According to the 2014 Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey, 93% of recruiters are utilizing social media to vet and find future employees. That alone is a good reason to read up on these 6 social media blunders that could ruin your chances of being offered an interview, and ultimately, a great job.

1. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues

All of your social media accounts should be polished and not contain a bunch of spelling or grammatical errors--you should even pay attention to your punctuation. Although a couple errors here or there probably won't have a significant impact, alarm bells go off in many recruiter's heads when they see persistent errors in social media posts. Why would they want to hire someone who can't even express their thoughts without a lot of errors? Also worth mentioning here is that use of profanity is not a positive way to leave a good impression--leave it out.

2. Anxiety and complaint level

Recruiters can learn a lot about you through your posts. They are particularly interested in posts where you are voicing your opinions about something that happened at work or during your day--they can learn a lot about how someone deals with stress (and their boss and coworkers) through their posts.

3. Political innuendos

A surefire way to turn off a recruiter immediately is a social media account filled with your political preferences and posts. Although we all know that everyone has an opinion and is free to express them, many recruiters--especially those who don't particularly agree with your opinions--will move on to the next candidate.

4. Endorsements and comments

Recruiters know that they can learn a lot about someone by viewing their endorsements through LinkedIn--the number-one go-to for recruiters--and viewing various comments made by others on your many social media sites. Watch those flip comments or references to a wild party night made by your friends on Twitter, and make sure your endorsements reflect accurately your strengths--minus the weaknesses.

5. Party pictures and other negatives

Nothing says "partier" more than pictures posted boozing it up with friends. It may seem innocent and fun at the time--it was just a casual wine party--but when viewed by a potential new boss, these pictures raise big red flags. Any picture that shows your riskier side should stay off all of your social media accounts that are open to the public and within scrutiny-reach of the next nosy recruiter. And, last, do not post anything about guns, illegal drugs, or anything sexual--not things your future boss wants to read or know about you.

6. Inconsistency among your social media accounts

You may have a stellar LinkedIn account, but if a recruiter happens upon your not-so-stellar Facebook account, it can leave a lasting bad impression. Make sure all of your social media sites are up to snuff and positively observable by the next hiring manager's eyes.